Data Video Wireless Communication

Wood and Douglas

Wood & Douglas 18931009 - DVMO

The dVMo Radio Link System: Secure digital video»audio»data transmissions in mobile and adverse conditions


Wood & Douglas 18931021 - PAWS

PAWS - Portable All-terrain Wireless System for search & rescue, operations support, and explosive/drug detection


Gilat Satacom

Gilat Satacom Iridium Tacticla Radio DRS

The Iridium Tactical Radio Dynamic Relay System (DRS) is a revolutionary solution which provides an extended feature set to the tactical radio communication world, extending your tactical radio.  The DRS family is designed to grant IP Mesh Radio features to any tactical communication system, regardless of the frequency range or modulation method.


Gilat SatacomSuricate Wireless Iridium Link

Suricate Pro is the revolutionary communication solution that provides people in underground and other closed facilities with the ability to communicate over standard satellite phones without having to leave their secure surroundings.  Suricate Pro provides coverage extension for iridium satellite phones, using wireless capabilities that extend your signal up to 6km - even underground - without losing the signal quality.