Night Vision

Image Intensifier (II) Tubes

XR 5 in Black & White Auto-gates I.I Tubes XR5 Green Auto-gated II Tube


Night Vision

A compact monocular night vision system with high resolution and a clear, bright image.   Revolutionary binocular designed and manufactured in Australia by Point Trading.



New Aviation based binocular Night Vision Devise designed and manufactured in Australia by Point Trading  

NL-94AU - CASA-approved Aviator Night Vision System with XR5 Golden Bullet I.I. Tubes   SNS-2 High quality lightweight aluminum-bodied night vision Pocket Scope, and camera compatible with many 35mm D/SLR or video cameras



Extensive range of mounting , illumination, power, connectivity and balance accessories available for our range of I.I. equipment  



We support our range of I.I. equipment with full in-house servicing capability and support  


Thermal Imaging


The latest smartphone thermal imaging device and application Family of high perfromance Thermal Imaging Cameras for your most demanding application

High perfromance Thermal Imaging Viewer for your most demanding application, 3 year warranty