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Point Trading is an Australian owned company providing extensive products, services and technologies in the Australian and Pacific region.

Established in 1987, the company's mission is to be the leader in technological innovation and provide the best products and technologies to enhance Defence and national security capability with outstanding service and support.  In 2011 Point Trading has implemented an EIA-632 compliant Engineering Management Plan to deliver to our clients leading solutions.

We provide Research & Development, Customisation, Assembly, Testing, Commissioning, Training, Maintenance and Support for all products and technologies to ensure an end-to-end solution for our customers. Our products come from world leading manufacturers as well as from our own R&D efforts.

The Point Trading Group comprises of a number of entities each providing the capabilities to deliver the above mission statement. These include Airtech Aust - a leading GIS provider and Point Trading Services.

Our facilities include a state of the art Electro-Optical lab, Research & Development centre, assembly and maintenance facility, ensuring all our product and technologies are backed up by local content and through life support. We have also opened our Engineering Centre to provide R&D and Engineering work to our clients.

Point Trading is a member of Australian Industry & Defence network Inc. and an accredited supplier to all state and federal agencies involved in homeland security. Point Trading is an ISO certified organisation and risk management accredited.

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Point Trading Electro Optical Lab

Point Trading Electro Optical Lab