Point Trading will be exhibiting at the 13th National Security Annual Summit (11th -12th May, QT Canbberra ). Visit our stand to be informed on our wide range of equipment.

04 May 2016




Point Trading will be launching new products at Safeguard Australia along with their current portfolio of products including the Australian Manufactured Night Eyes BNVD. The launch of the LDS G Scan, SMS Simulator and the PROSpike will bring forward the evolution of devices and advantages for their operating agencies based within the policing and security sectors. 

The LDS G Scan has the capability of fast tracking the ability of detecting and analysing prohibited and threatening substances such as narcotics and explosives via the use of a portable hand held device that can be carried in a hip holster. It’s light weight, high accuracy and efficiency allows its utilisation by agents and operators in the field and front line. The detection of narcotics and explosives by policing, border control and security is a ease of use, point and shoot by the operator. The G Scan has the ability to detect a wide variety and expandable list of substances in forms of liquid, bulk or powder providing the operator a detection and identification within less than 3 seconds. Please see the following link for demonstration: 

LDS Laser Detect Systems vedio

The SMS Simulator is a unique training device allowing effective training using dry fire techniques. Simulation for all types of training scenarios from Sniper, Navel, Mortar, Policing / Security allows cost efficient and realistic training including ability for use of operators own weapons without the need of weapon modification. Simulation of environment conditions such as elevation or wind along with realistic weapon recoil are all key elements that can be found in this training simulator. Please see the following link for demonstration: 

SMS Gaurd vedio

The PROspike brings a major step forward in operator safety against the traditional hand thrown road spike devices. It is remote operated and capable of deploying and retracting within seconds whilst the operator is safely away from the danger area, up to 100 mt.  Please see the following link for demonstration:

PROspike brochure

Point Trading Group will additionally be showcasing further capabilities at Safeguard Australia including the Australian Manufactured, Night Eyes BNVD, Data interception and extraction along with CBRN equipment.

We at Point Trading are available to answer any questions that you may have and will be pleased to assist you with your requirements.